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***** NOTICE!!...PLEASE READ!! *****

I am going to be shutting down the website probably by the end of March 2008. I am taking a long needed vacation. I may reopen a website in the future. Anyone interested in recieving an e-mail when I do please drop me an e-mail and I will save the names and e-mails to inform you. I have already started taking molds off of the site. I will be taking about 10 or so a day off of the site. I will also be selling some of my master molds at about 1/2 price and allot of masters to make the molds. I will be putting them on the sale page here and possibly on eBay. I don't know how long I can keep from making molds because I love doing it, but I need a long vacation. I'd like to thank everyone for your support, keeping me so busy and your great comments about my molds. Many of you have become very special friends and I hope that continues.
Due to an overwhelming response to my closing the site, I will not be pouring any more molds. I am only going to be selling master molds and resin masters. I'm sorry for those who wanted to place a mold order, but the only ones available will be the master molds on the Last Chance page. I will be adding to the page daily as time permits between filling the orders I already have. I want to thank everyone for coming and looking and buying from my site all these years. I may reopen a site down the line.

Please read first!!!

NEW!!! There is now a search (below) for the site to find things easier. You may need to refresh the page if you have it saved already.

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The silicone I use is very flexible and can almost be turned inside out. Hope you like it as much as I do. :-) Here is an example of the silicone I am using. This is done with my muffin #2.

All of my molds are hand created by me not factory made. Either by using actual food items or designed by me © and all of my silicone molds can be used for any candle, soap, resin or plaster. YOU MAY NOT REPRODUCE MY MOLDS ©. They CAN NOT be used for food. I make new molds constantly, so bookmark the site and check back often. All molds are made with flexible high quality silicone rubber and will withstand temps. up to 400 degrees. Almost all are made using real food or items I created. The molds will be shipped from Missouri zip code 63020.

I accept PayPal with the ID: molds@jagsmolds-candles.bizhosting.com or POSTAL Money Orders and also a 30 day Lay-a-way Plan.

Thank you for stopping by.

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I made all of these using my molds. Questions e-mail me.
I made all these using my molds. I had given them to a friend and she set them up like this for her house. She says the smell fills the house and has people wanting to know if they can have one to eat... LOL.. She filled the tray with the snack cakes, candy I made her & Huge Strawberries Dipped in Chocolate. She loves the looks, the smell and the way it fools people that come over. I think it looks great.
About Jags-1 Molds
I fell in love with candles, but I like something that you don't see everytime you turn around. I also like to pull pranks on friends. So I started making my own molds out of food items. They are truly unique! I use high quality silicone rubber and they can be used for candles, soap, plaster and resin. They CAN NOT be used for food. All items go out Priority Mail. I sell on eBay under the user ID of jags-1, you can check out my feedback on what people think of them and view what is listed through this link: eBay About Me (jags-1) Page. If there is something you don't see and would like to be made, feel free to send an e-mail with your suggestion at molds@jagsmolds-candles.bizhosting.com.

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Here is a very small portion of what you will find on the site.

 Banana Slices Silicone Mold
 Catfish Filet Silicone Mold
 Cowboy Hat & Bag Silicone Molds
 Fried Chicken Leg & Wing Silicone Mold
 Glazed Donut Silicone Mold
 Peach Half Silicone Mold
 Rose on Crocheted Soap Bar Silicone Mold