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Baby Items Silicone Molds
SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT on orders during check out that total $100 or more. The discount will apply automatically at check out. Thank you.

Baby Shoes Here you will find molds that relate to babies and baby showers. Great for those shower gifts or just to dress up the babies room. As always my molds are not to be copied. They are only being sold to produce items using my molds.
Here is an example of the new silicone I am using. This is done with my muffin #2.

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Here are all the products in this category:
2 Baby Bottle Nipples & Caps Silicone Mold
2 Baby Bottle Nipples & Caps Silicone Mold -- $ 14.95
Peek-A-Boo Baby Soap/Candle Silicone Mold
Adorable soap / candle for baby showers, new mothers, etc. -- $ 16.95
Baby in a Blanket SIlicone Mold
Would make an adorable candle or soap for baby showers or gifts. -- $ 16.95
Baby Blocks Extra Silicone Mold
Baby Blocks Extra Silicone Mold -- $ 22.95
Baby in Basinet Silicone Mold
Baby in Basinet Silicone Mold -- $ 17.95
Little Piglets Soap Bar Silicone Mold
Very cute soap bar that kids & grown ups will love. -- $ 17.95
Mini Gingerbread Babies(4) w/Diaper&Pacifier Silicone Mold
These are sooo cute and make great size tart warmers. -- $ 16.95
2 Small Babies in Basinets Silicone Mold
Adorable embeds for baby showers. -- $ 16.95
Cute Egg Boys/Humpty Dumptys Silicone Mold
Adorable candle or large soap mold. You have a choice of #1 or #2.. -- $ 16.95
Rubber Ducky Silicone Mold
Great soap that the kids will love to use. Also candle. -- $ 15.99
Crayons Tart Warmer/Guest Soap Mold
These make cute guest soaps and tart warmers. -- $ 15.95
Frog on Stone Silicone Mold
This would make an adorable soap or candle. -- $ 16.95
Mitten Candle/Soap Silicone Mold
Would make a cute candle or bar of soap. -- $ 14.95
Mittens Holding Snowball Silicone Mold
Very cute holiday candle. -- $ 19.95
Baby Duck Silicone Mold
Makes a cute soap or candle. -- $ 14.95
Baby Duck in Nest Silicone Mold
This makes an adorable soap, candle or even floating candle. -- $ 17.95
2 Baseballs & Gloves Silicone Mold
They make great tart warmers -- $ 15.95
Mini Baby Rubber Ducks (2) Mold
Great as embeds and tart warmers. -- $ 14.95
Stork's Special Delivery Mold
Great for baby showers or new moms. -- $ 17.95
Sleeping Baby Silicone Mold
Cute for baby shower gifts. -- $ 14.95
Chubby Babies & Pets/ Gingers Silicone Molds
Adorable to use just plain or paint icing to make gingerbabies and pets. -- $ 18.95
Bears & Seal Silicone Molds
Choice of 3 different bears or seal. Cute for scene tarts, candles & cute soaps for kids. -- $ 15.95
Cute Bird in a Nest Silicone Mold
Makes an adorable soap, wax or floating candle. -- $ 17.95
Cute Cocker Puppy Silicone Mold
Cute as wax or soap. -- $ 16.95
Cute Turtle Silicone Mold
Would make an adorable candle, soap or tart warmer. -- $ 14.95
Penquins Choice (3) Silicone Molds
Would make an adorable winter candle and tart warmers. -- $ 14.95
Small Waxed Teddy Mold
Cute small already waxed teddy bear. -- $ 15.95
Tropical Fish Soap Silicone Mold
Cute summer soap or for the tropical setting bathroom. -- $ 15.95
Sleeping Duckling Silicone Mold
Makes an adorable soap for the kids or candle. -- $ 21.95
Baby Shoes Silicone Mold
Great for soaps or tarts. Choice of boy's or girl's shoes. -- $ 18.95