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4 Fingers Silicone Mold
I made this myself using real fingers!! Don't worry the person got to leave with all of their's. LOL There are 4 fingers in the mold. All but the thumb. So you will pour the 4 pictured at one time. These are VERY detailed. I thought they would be great as joke candles for a birthday cake. For an example: use 3 fingers then the store #0 to make 30 on the cake. Also would be great for your Halloween candles as embeds. Have them sticking out of your candle or use them as tart warmers. Pour a little red wax on the end and run it a little down the side. This could be a fun one!! On the bottom of all my molds there will be the letters JEI.

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$ 16.95
Mini Primitive/Witches Brooms (4) Silicone Mold
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2 Mini Gourds
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Pumpkin Silicone Mold
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Small Ghost Votive Size Mold
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Ghost on Pumpkin Cookie/Tart Silicone Mold
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Skull (2) Tart Warmers Mold
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Skull Silicone Mold
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Pumpkin 5" Pie Topper Silicone Mold
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Pumpkin Votive Silicone Mold
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